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"Will keep your hips shaking and your feet tapping while you rock and roll" Absolute Powerpop olimp trade

"Full of confidence, burn into your brain hooks and grown up insights" Nippertown

"Believes in the power of rock & roll and on this album he unleashes that power like he's blown up a dam" Roll Magazine

"Flat-out good songwriting backed with muscular no nonsense arrangements" The Daily Gazette

"A great album full of instantly hummable pop" Babysue

"Assured songwriting isn't that common a skill these days and on this album Rob Skane proves himself to be a true practitioner" Bluesbunny

"Rock n' roll the way God intended it" Scott Kempner



Preview some songs from Phantom Power Trip: olymp trade    

 You Preach Peace   I Waited   Let It Be Me


Rob Skane Guitar Lessons


Rob Skane Guitar Lessons
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